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We believe in the tremendous potential each one of us has, and the way we work reflects that. Working with us is not like doing a job. It is joyous and mission-oriented, where we create a new type of company and economic reality together.


Each team and partner gets a share in the profits of the whole collective. They also get governance tokens in the Good Brands DAO, giving them part-ownership of the collective. 

We are not here to create employees and clients but partners and builders and our systems are designed to do that. In return, we want you to be open-hearted, embrace the mission we all are on, and be fearless. 

We hope you will be so proud of what you do here that you naturally become an evangelist for the whole collective.

If this sounds exciting, write to us.

work together

How we work

Our values

"Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye, and say 'No, you move'.” 



We have the best people who bring their best

Happy Portrait


We are free and happy and we love what we do

Tree Hugger


We are passionate about being an agent of change

Spring Onions

Growth mindset

We continuously learn and grow

-Chandsi, Design Lead

"I joined The Good Brands Collective fourteen months ago while still in college. And it has been a wonderful experience. Now, I lead Design for social media while also managing strategy and execution for social media. I don't think any company trusts freshers with this much responsibility!"

-Zeba, Marketing Lead

"I work as the Marketing Lead for The Good Brands Collective. I joined the company while pursuing my post-graduation and it has been a phenomenal experience where I get to push myself to explore and learn something more everyday!"

We are looking for team members!

Working Woman
Happy Man

Do you want to join a rocketship as it builds, launches, and enters orbit? NOW is the right time!

Join the mission!

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